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Rock climbing is high energy & risky adventure sport. The essential skill and  perquisite for rock climbing is physical fitness that will determine the adventure you will be driving while climbing.


Participants must ensure workout routines and rigorous training to maintain basic level of fitness. The basic kills of rock climbing and mountaineering can be availed from an experienced mountaineer or certified guiding/coaching institute.


There are many aspects with climbing that includes signals, belaying, anchor systems, and climbing protection, rope management, useful climbing knots etc. 

Manali Himalayas offer rock challenging, climbing and rappelling. Rock climbing is a sure way  to test own physical fitness and strength. Many rock climbing sites with steep & average gradient exist both north and south of the Manali town and are easily accessible.

 There are ample providers for adventure equipment as well as professionals and adventure organizations to support the thrill of rock climbing.


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