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  Manikaran is at the bottom of dark gorge with hot sulphurspring emerging from the rock strewn banks of the Parvati. According to Hindu mythology while Parvati bathed in the river, Naga, the serpent god stole her "Manikaran" (earrings).  

There are both Hindu and Sikh pilgrim centers offering "Langar" (community food) and stay to devotees. One can see food being cooked with the help of boiling sulphur waters. Manikaran sulphur water is said to have miraculous healing properties for skin ailments. People take bath and many claim to have being cured with its therapeutic properties. There are separate baths for men and women.


From Manikaran there are short treks to Pulga and Kheer Ganga beyond while a foot path (affected by landslips in places) lead to the Pin Valley in Spiti.  Manikaran though not attractive in itself, provides a brief halt for trekkers. It has become a popular place for dropouts. The nearby town of Kasol has best hotels for short and long stays. Budget hotels in kasol offer good prices, neat and clean accommodation with modern amenities. Due to increase in tourism activities, many hotels in Kasol are providing additional activities like camping, trekking and biking tours around valley.


A sweet Child in kasol (Parvati Valley)Sweet-kid-Parvati Valley-Kullu Himalayas


Cheaper guest houses are available in Manikaran & nearby towns like Kasol with both traditional and modern amenities.  Local families also take paying guests. Eating the Sikh Gurudwara does excellent meals, steam cooked at the springs (donation only). There are way side “Dhabas” (economic food joints) serving local food, while some near the spring cater for Westerns.


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