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The Malana people neither know when their village was first inhabited, nor where they themselves came from. A vague legend current in the valley describes the formation of the village to the legendary god Jamlu, alias Jumduggn; but this is quite a mythical individual, although temples to his honor are very numerous in Kullu. Malana is divided into two portions, the upper and lower villages.

Duration : 6 days     (CHANDRAKHANI TO MALANA)

1st day:     Manali (1,928m)to Rumsu (2,377m)  …24km

      Bus service is available up to Naggar, 21km from Manali. Delightfully situated on a wooded slope and commanding and extensive view of the valley, it is famous for its temples, ancient castle, and the Roerich Art Gallery..

2nd day:     Rumsu to Chandrakhani (3,500m)  …8km

      The legend says that thousands of years ago, Jamlu (Presiding deity of Malana) was carrying a basket containing Gods of Kullu. On the top of the pass when he opened the casket, a very strong wind blew the Gods allover Kullu valley to their present abodes. Since than the valley is known as “the valley of Gods”. A striking view of Deo Tibba over looking the Malana glen and other snow crowned giants on the Spiti border is obtainable.


3rd day:     Chandrakhani to Malana (2,651.7 m) ……7km

      Malana comprises two villages about a hundred yards apart. Village containing temple buildings is considered sacred and no one wearing leather shoes is allowed with in its precincts.

4th day: Malana to Rashol (2,598m) ….19 km

      A wonderful view of Pin Parvati range of mountains.


5th day:     Rashol to Kasol (1,585m)  …8 km

      Charmingly  situated rest house :a broad expanse of clean white sand ; a striking view of aiguilles.

6th day: Kasol to Jari (1,524m)…9km

      Nestles on a hill side shelf well above the Parvati river clean comfortable and welcome resting place. Kasol to Jari is motor able. It is located on Manikaran-Bhuntar road.

Jari to Bhuntar (900m) motor able …12km

Malana inhabitants have maintained a fiercely independent cultural position in many ways and admit of no authority in their religious – and social matters except that of Jamlu Devta (Deity).


While almost all other gods of Kullu pay homage to and bow before Lord Raghunath Ji, Jamlu does not, implying thereby that the inhabitants of Malana were independent and so inaccessibly situated as not to be subjected by Kullu Rajas.


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