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Zanskar-Lamayuru is the longest trek in north India, while doing this trek it is advised to equip yourself with  excellent equipment, physical stamina, and professionally experienced guides or adventure groups. wishes all the trekkers a very safe and happy trekking !

Standard Trekking Plan
Himalayan Range

Base : Manali
Maximum Elevation:
5090 meters
Grade : Very Tough
Duration: 23-25 Days

Day: 1

(6-8 hours walk) 

Keylong to Darcha Journey by bus/jeep (HRTC bus service from Keylong available). Approx. 1 hour to reach Darcha. The route follows through village Rarik & then to Chikka which is the last village of Lahaul & Spiti.


Road side Dhabas (Indian food joints) equipped with average food and requirements, typical Himalayan agricultural fields and folks. Chikka village leads towards Palmo the first camping place with natural water and fields.

Day: 2

(6-8 hours walk)

The second day begins from Palmo base camp towards Zanskar Sumdo (Literally meaning meeting of two rivers) base camp. The journey encompasses barren valleys with rugged path and dry mountains. A small rivulet has to be crossed before reaching Zanskar Sumdo. (Have hold of your steps while river crossing just to avoid being drenched)

Day: 3

(7-8 hours walk)

Third day begins from Zanskar Sumdo towards a step height and a river crossing towards Ramjak. It takes nearly 4-5 hours to reach Ramjak. There are two options for base camps; the first one is nearly 2:30 hour’s journey from Ramjak that accommodates 7-9 tents and second one is still far away with better space and water nearby.

Day: 4

(6-8 hours walk)

From base camp towards Shin Kun –La (5090 meters) a land of extreme climate & cold. The trek continues with very harsh and tiring path, there are two river crossings in this path so it’s very much advisable to start early morning to avoid volume and sharp current of rivers. First base camp at Lakhan; it takes 3 hours from Shin Kun – La and other camping site is across river.

Day: 5

(6-8 hours walk)

From Lakhan to village journey with spectacular view of “Gumbranjan Mountain” the sacred place for Buddhist followers. Good scenic beauty and greenery follows this trek. Downward slope forwards trek towards Kargya village. One can see “Chortens” (Lama Monks Pyramids) along the village side. Camp site is just 15 minutes walk from Kee village.

Day: 6

(9-10 hours walk)

From Kee base camp towards Purne passes through village Thobley Longnay a village developed ecologically by J&K forest department by planting trees & vegetation. Villages in this route are Roltaq, Tanszag, (Teta) Kurm, Datsa, Yel (Maling) and finally Purne.


 Purne camping site has a world famous monastery nearby a festival is celebrated every year in December every year. Very mysterious place.

| Day 7 is complete Rest |

Day: 8

(7-8 hours walk)

From Purne towards a bridge which connects to Ichar, excellent vegetation and scenic beauty along the village side. Villages like Cha, Samtak, Galbo, Bipul and finally Ichar base camp make this memorable. Camp site across the river with full bloom of greenery and beautiful Himalayan flowers.

Day: 9

(6-7 hours)

Ichar base camp leads for Muni following areas adjoining villages after climbing a height of half an hour leading towards the river. Crossing river leads towards Raru. Raru provides with transportation & taxi services on order with local people. It takes 2 hours to reach Muni from Raru. Muni has beautiful monasteries, scared mantras revolving monuments, giving fantastic excursion experience.


This place is famous for Zanskari horses, a rare Himalayan Breed of horse.

Day: 10

(6 hours journey)

From Muni base camp trek towards Padum is road oriented; its motor able so trekkers can choose plain walk or vehicle. Villages across this route are Fhipcha, Bardan, and Shila (famous for evergreen trees). Padum (Headquarter of Zanskar, Distt. Kargil)  has base camp with resident population of both Islam and Buddhism. The camping site is nearby helipad area.


*Trekkers can rest and collect necessary foodstuff or gas supply/kerosene for further journey.

Day: 11

 Travel from Padum to Pishu through bus or jeep, nearly 3 hours bus journey. To have a spectacular view and Buddhist architecture trekkers must visit Zangla Place.

Day: 12

(4-5 hours walk)

It takes half hour to reach Zangla from Pishu. After 2 and half hours ahead trekkers reach village Pidmo. From Pidmo Hanumil is 1/2 hours journey.

Day: 13

From Hanumil base camp to Nerte. Nerte leads further upward climb towards Prifi-la which takes further to river crossing. Across the river area is Ladakh and Leh area which is the most hazardous part of the trek. Nerte camp site is famous for Himalayan Ibex's (Hill goat) drinking place.

Day: 14

(9 Hours)

Leaving Nerte base camp & proceeding towards Hanuma-La

(4700 metres.) this terrain is absolutely dry, wise open valleys all over with spectacular view of mighty Himalayas. from Hanuma-La the Lingshed base camp has monastery and shop. Typical village folks and a Buddhist culture of Himalayas.

Day: 15

(8-9 hours walk)

From Lingshed base cam it takes nearly 2 hours to reach Mrgum-La.  Goma & Shupada villages are to be passed and after crossing a river there is a long zig-zag trek towards Kiupa-La (3850 meters.) The base camp at Shengee-la is 2 and half hours from Kiupa-La.

Day: 16

(7-8 hours walk)

The actual base camp is little away from Shengee-la (5000meters) that takes 1 and half hours to reach there. From Shengee-la ahead a plain area  and a river crossing takes to Bhumikte-La (4200 metres) connecting Phoutaskar base camp after crossing a bridge.

Day: 17-18


Day: 19

(7-8 hours walk)

By crossing bridge towards Shilla village a river has to be crossed. this particular area is totally dry and very tough to trek. Trekkers are advised to carry ample amount of water with them. Again a small river has to be crossed after reaching Shilla Village. Across the river is Prikiti-la (3726 meters.) The final destination Lamayuru is reached after 1 hour journey.

Spectacular world Famous Lamayuru Monastery


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