Important Information (Legal)

  • Overseas visitors require valid passport and documents for stay.
  • The TC's (Traveler's Cheques) are mostly accepted, but they have to be encacshed from Banks or Money Exchange counters.
  • Trading endangered/restricted animals or their body parts is illegal & banned. Do not indulge in disturbing flora & fauna of Himalayan region.
  • There are strict restrictions at some points to capture pictures or videos. Photography of military installations, sensitive border areas, some tribal areas, dams or restricted places should never be photographed.
  • Carrying, trading or possession of intoxicants like smack, cocaine, opium, charas or marijuana is illegal & seriously punishable.
  • As a necessary safeguard, pre departure arrangements like insurance, rescue and evacuation should be taken into consideration.
  • Shooting wild animals is strictly prohibited and its punishable.
  • All foreign nationals who stay in India for more than 180 days are required to get an income tax clearance exemption certificate from the foreign section of Income Tax Departments based in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai Or Kolkata.
  • Adventure tourists advised to undertake adventure activities like trekking, mountaineering, rafting paragliding or rock climbing with certified professionals or through registered agencies recognized by Tourism Department & Govt. of India.
  • Foreign nationals need to have permissions and permits to enter few restricted areas like Kaza or some tribal areas. For further information please contact Additional Magistrates/Sub Divisional Magistrates of the concerned area or Tourism office.
  • Select activities on your fitness & health conditions.

Shopping Information

  • Always be prepared for a bargain while buying non branded items/products.
  • Avoid buying woolens, shawls or ethnic products at the recommendations of taxi drivers, or touts. They charge commissions from sellers thus giving a rise to actual price.
  • Prefer shopping while after having a comparison for prices at different outlets.
  • In case of cheating or fraud immediately inform the nearest police station, tourism office or ask for help from tourism related associations.

General & Climatic Tips

  • All major credit cards ARE WIDELY ACCEPTED in this part of India. Beyond amount of foreign exchange permissible must be declared at customs.
  • Travel light & remember to carry few woolens with you.
  • Most essentials are available in this part of India, items are reasonably cheap and services are generally speedy..
  • Be sure to carry valid legal documents like driving license, registration certificate, pollution certificate of your vehicle with you. Attested photocopies of essential documents like I Card, employment cards are helpful in difficult situations like theft or misconduct..
  • Never ever tease native people or create misconduct with regional population, this might be serious to handle..
  • Try to collect and dispose off waste material from high altitudes or trekking routes.
  • As a sensitive tourist one should not harm fragile environment and natural resources.
  • Take care of yourself (specially kids) near streams and rivers. They might appear small and easy to go through but are very dangerous with fast running glacial water.
  • Do not leave non-biodegradable articles here and there.
  • A valid Indian driving license is must for Indians & overseas tourists must carry a Valid International driving license if they wish to drive vehicles.
  • Adventure enthusiasts must manage professional equipment before they leave for their trip.
  • Its always helpful to plan beforehand for services and facilities you want to utilize.
  • It is best to to acquire complete information before going on trekking and high altitude areas.
  • Acclimatize before leaving for high altitude trekking.
  • It is always helpful to have maps, details and necessary information before leaving for trekking.
  • As a precautionary measure foreign nationals should intimate their close friends, relatives or tourism information office before leaving for difficult trekking areas where information possibility is low.

Cultural Information

  • Behavioral modesty is appreciated.
  • Personal Intimacy can draw unwanted attention & may provoke exaggerated response at some places.
  • There is much disparity between cosmopolitan culture and Himalayan village life.
  • Avoid outdoor party gatherings or full moon celebrations near village community. loud music and rash behavior may lead to unwanted trouble.
  • Visiting pilgrim/temple/sacred places should be handled sensitively. Do not try to be a part of local rituals without invitation.
  • This part of India is safe for women travelers, yet simple precautionary measures can help avoid harassment. Avoid highly explicit clothing.

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